33) ISDS; The Death of Democracy & Sovereignty, or, an Opportunity to Sue Global Corporate Economy & their Governments?

The Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is a double edged sword; that is…depending upon how one looks at it. That is to say that some have suggested that the ISDS & the global corporate treaties/’arrangements’ is a death sentence for democracy & the sovereignty of nations, while others look at it as an opportunity to challenge, learn, clarify, modify, re-interpret, &/or, reject the treaties/’arrangements’ based upon the grounds that they are un-ethical, immoral, &/or, legally unconscionable.

However, one of the problems of ISDS is due to the fact that there is, as of yet, no tried & acceptable ‘official’ means whereby the harmless citizens of the European Union & non-Native Canadians, et al, can sue the government of Canada (or, their EU governments), or Corporate Canada/European Union for throwing in their, the governments’, support with & for Corporate Canada & its global corporate associates at the expense of the harmless taxpayers without recourse & appeals.

And, while it may be regrettable that the harmless Canadians taxpayers have been conditioned, &/or, lead to be believe, that ‘their opposing’ political parties & ‘their’ sine cure senate (ie. upper house) has protected them & will continue to protect them from litigious economic bullies & enemies, both; foreign & domestic, they, the ‘harmless’ citizens, are continuing to be told that it is the nature of ‘their’ true democracy(ies) that by voting with an informed opinion for the party of ‘their choice’, they, the citizens of Canada, et al, are exercising their right to let their politicians make informed choices on their, the harmless voters’, behalf.

Clearly, the governments of Canada, the European Union, et al, have put themselves in the position, &/or, are preparing to put themselves in the position, of a conflict of interest by siding with the associates of the global corporate economy, and thus, the governments have made themselves unable to defend the rights of their citizens in matters concerning the aforementioned corporations and, the government itself. And, therefore, can a reasonable person conclude that the governments are succeeding in putting themselves & the global corporations above the laws of its citizens & into the hands of their own courts/tribunals (ie. the ‘Death-Star-Chamber’) where the only guilty parties, their citizens, have been predetermined by way of the agreements (ie. the treaties/’arrangements’) prior to the ISDS tribunals’ ‘litigations’?

The problem seems to be that Canadians & the citizens of the EU, et al, may be just unaccustomed to, &/or, unaware of how to challenge/confront ‘their’ governments in a manner similar to which Native Canadians have, &, are continuing to utilize, very successfully. The successful challenges of the Canadian government’s laws continues to demonstrate the basic unfairness of decisions that are un-ethical, immoral, &/or, only marginally legal, etc.

And, by failing to challenge these laws, &/or, those that are intended to render laws ‘unappeal-able’, it enables Corporate Canada & its global associates to further their control of the due diligence information & to close the access door to Corporate Canada’s power & the power of its global corporate associates.

In conclusion, here are 5 important points for the citizens of Canada & the EU, et al, to consider regarding the treaties/’arrangements’ that they may feel have been, or, are being, foisted upon them;

1) under what circumstances would Native Canadians consider co-suing the government of Canada & Corporate Canada with the citizens of the EU, non-Native citizens of Canada, et al, regarding the lack of consultation & the deprivation of the due diligence information (eg. The Compensation in The W.A.D. Accord) by the Canadian government, et al?

2) A) in order to level the playing field between:

the citizens of Canada, the EU, et al,                                                                                           and                                                                                                                                             Corporate Canada & Corporate EU,

how much of your tax dollars (ie. as a tax deduction) do you deem necessary to put towards the suing of the government of Canada, et al, & Corporate Canada, et al, as per ‘The Submission’ to The SUPREME COURT of CANADA:                                                    ‘The SHAREHOLDERS & Corporations of AMERICA, China, Canada, the EU, the Trans -Pacific nations, et al                                                                                                                   v.                                                                                                                                                  the (harmless) Canadian NON-shareholders, both; Native & non Native, et al’


The MERKEL (Chancellor of Germany) Letter; To Sue, or, To be Sued’?
2) B) who would you prefer to have as the litigation funder* of the suit (see the aforementioned ‘Submission’) against the primary beneficiaries of the Canada-EU CETAgreement by the harmless citizens?
3) what constitutes a ‘good corporate citizen’ in the context of those corporations which are trying to dump their liabilities onto the ‘harmless’ citizens (ie. tort abolishment lead by U.S. corporations) of the sovereign nations that the corporations would like to operate in?

4) what constitutes a ‘fair’ treaty, or, agreement for the citizens that host the ‘good corporate citizens’, ie. would it be preferable for the citizens of the signatory treaties/’arrangements’ if the disputing corporations would only be able to sue each other in the open courts of the sovereign nations that they would like to operate in


where the parties in a dispute have the responsibility for finding and presenting evidence particularly if the evidence exposes some of the unethical, &/or, illegal practices/’arrangements’ that exist in the inter-relationships between the Corporations that are presently based in Canada, their lobbyists, the executives of the parties & ‘our’ politicians, et al?


5) the harmless citizens of Canada & the EU might seriously consider asking the new PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has he even read the CETA & the other Global Corporate Treaties/’Arrangements’ and whether he understands it (competency) & is Trudeau willing to answer the taxpayers’ humble questions (sincerity) after ‘we’, the citizens, have had an opportunity to understand its financial significance to our families’ incomes with the assistance of our trade/economic lawyers?

That is to say, the citizens of the signatory nations might consider asking whether ‘their’ politicians should have to sully their ‘beliefs’ & sales pitches with ‘sordid’ facts that come from actually reading & understanding global treaties/’arrangements’?

Regardless, what happened to the new Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s (Corporate Canada East) promises to read, understand, share his understanding of TPP with consultation & questions from the citizens of Canada regarding the treaties, both; ‘domestic’ (ie. First Nations) & foreign (ie. global corporate) especially about how Native & non-Natives Canadians to pay much more for Corporate Canada’s liabilities by reducing transfer payments, services for health (more exacerbation toward privatization) & education, et al?

By way of closing, I look forward to reading about the readers’ thoughts, questions, feelings, improvements, etc. regarding the above. For more information regarding the basis for the aforementioned co-suing of the relevant governments & associates of the global corporate economy, I can be contacted at davidehsmith.wordpress.com

David E.H. Smith                                                                                                                         -Researcher                                                                                                                               – ‘Qui tam…’

* litigation funder; Who is the ‘coveted’ foreign investor who said:

It’s not that we are racist in our dealings with Canadians, it’s just that we can’t stand the way that you suck-up to us.

***                                                                                                                                                       To access ‘The MERKEL Letter’ & Excerpts of ‘The Submission’, see;    davidehsmith.wordpress.com                                                                                                              ***                                                                                                                                                          For the FULL ‘Submission’, see; The SUPREME COURT of CANADA.                                      ***                                                                                                                                                          Please consider sharing the enclosed information & questions with 10 friends who will share it with 10 others…