25) C-51 ‘Anti Terrorism’ Bill; Native Canadians, et al, vs. corporate Canada & The Global Corporate Economy?

Of course corporate Canada is using the government of Canada via C-51 ‘Anti Terrorism’ legislation to legitimize its spying on Native Canadians in order to fine tune corporate Canada’s negotiating position re; the accessing, the development, the financing, the sale, etc. of the natural resources that are continuing to be found in Canada, particularly those resources that are accessed, &/or, are on lands claimed by Native Canadians,
without abiding to the terms & conditions of The W.A.D. Accord* & its Compensation.

Isn’t corporate Canada ‘desperate’ to avoid the time consuming process of either:
re-opening the existing treaties that the government of Canada has with First Nations,
or, to change its on going negotiations with B.C. First Nations who have yet to ratify ‘their’ treaties,
in order to misrepresent corporate Canada’s claim to its global associates that Native Canadians, et al, are pleased with ‘their’ considerations & its end-game.

On the other hand, which Native leaders are also ‘desperate’ to continue depriving the most vulnerable Band members, et al, from the sharing of the relevant information for the the most vulnerable members’ humble consideration, discussions, improvements, etc. in open forums without the fear of retributions, such as those suffered by the female advocates murdered along ‘The Highway of Tears’?

Similarly, corporate Canada ‘needs to know’ what tactics & strategies Native leaders are employing to demonstrate, such as; road blocks, their dissatisfaction with, amongst other things, the ‘consultation’ processes.

Furthermore, without the corporate spying & continuing to deprive the most vulnerable Native band members of the WAD Accord’s information & questions, how else can corporate Canada deliver ‘the goods’, ie. the acquiescence, &/or, supplicance, of the most vulnerable Native band members (ie. 95% – 99% of Native members), et al, to corporate Canada’s global associates as per the recent flurry of “foreign” treaties, such as; the NAFTA, C-CITreaty, CETA, TPP, et al?

Please remember that by not voting for Harper & his corporate Alta-Canada’s treaty ‘arrangements’ is no guarantee that you will not be voting for modified version of the same thing & a great deal of corporate Canada’s other nefarious considerations by voting for
another party, unless you demand that ‘your’ member of parliament convinces you that the executives of his/her party rejection of the Global Corporate economy & their policies that they are sharing with you will lower your personal taxes while expanding & improving your guaranteed health care, education, etc. coverage.

see, Google; ‘Tired of your Political Representatives’ “Non-Answer Responses” (Talking Points)? A SIMPLE DIAGNOSTIC TEST of your DEMOCRACY’.
*The W.A.D. Accord, for more Information,
see; davidehsmith.wordpress.com
For more Information & Questions re; The Relationship between Human (Nature) Rights & Economics by way of the C-CI Treaty, the CET Agreement, TPP, et al, and The WAD Accord
see; davidehsmith.wordpress.com

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