20) More of PM Harper’s corporate Alberta (‘Canada’) trying to Beholden the Big, Bad Dragon & Why CSIS’s Fadden Had to Go.

March 11, 2010

Mr. Geng Huichang,
Minister of State Security,
Ministry of Public Security of
the People’s Republic of China.

Re; Further to the “Threat Assessment” of “The Walsh-Apps-Duceppe Accord”

Mr. Geng Huichang;

I hope that you have had time to look into most of the material that I have sent to you. Similarly, I hope that you have had the opportunity to discuss with the aforementioned “coveted foreign investor”, who you probably know, et al, the various different ways that the information can be utilized to develop our mutual interests and aspirations; particularly in the areas of investment, natural resources, manufacturing and trade.

Of course, the Canadian financial institutions that I have sent the attached letter to are a little sensitive to any attention that is drawn to their relationship with the federal government regarding those loans that these institutes are making which are guaranteed by the government of Canada, ie. the tax dollars of the citizens of Canada. One of the reasons that these institutions would like to avoid any scrutiny regarding these practices is in order to avoid questions such as; how much of these institutions’ loans/”gifts” are generated by the institutions desire to just generate greater profits, salaries, bonuses, et al, at the expense of the taxpayers of Canada while trying to ingratiate and to encumber “the coveted foreign investor” with unsolicited, unwanted and dubious goods and services, etc.?

It is at this point, Mr.Huichang, ie. the dubious loans and expenditures, that I think that you and I can do a great service, not only for “the coveted foreign investor”, but, the people of both, China and Canada. Amongst other things, the re-allocation of some of the $8 billion per year that is being spent on the non-criteria “economic development” can be utilized to make a very significant impact on the relationship between our countries and with the over 600 First Nations of Canada. In regard to some of the other participants who we have considered, I think that CSIS will be appreciative that we are giving them the means to fight foreign terrorism, etc. On Canada’s domestic side, I think that “the coveted foreign investor” will appreciate that we have learned from his example by our making available a generous portion of the re-allocated funds to reversing the erosion of the Canadian health care system, et al, that has benefited the HMOs & other clients of the interested lobbyists. Regardless, Mr. Huichang, have you had the opportunity to discuss with some of the other services how we may be of further assistance to CSIS in this particular matter?

Incidentally, I don’t think that Justice Douglas Campbell is the only Canadian that is looking forward to the elimination of “the playing of the race card” tactic in regard to the aforementioned “WAD Accord” (a.k.a.; “The Australian Question”).

By way of closing, Mr. Huichang, I look forward to learning about your thoughts, your feelings, your questions, etc., regarding the above, the attached, “…other associated &/or developing culpabilities & costs…”, the historical precedents that are embodied in the research, et al. Please rest assured that the over-whelming majority of Canadians are looking forward to your security recommendations regarding the various different ways that you and your associates can protect those businesses, industries &/or enterprises from the deprivers who are desperate to continue depriving the most vulnerables of the aforementioned benefits that are embodied in “The WAD Accord”.

David E.H. Smith
– Researcher                                                                                                                                         – “Qui tam…”

Please consider sharing the enclosed information & questions with 10 members of your family, friends, associates in order that they can use the due diligence info to make more informed decision about their families’ financial planning, & then they can share it with 10 others…


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