18) An OPEN LETTER to Canadian NON SHARE HOLDERS (both; Native & non Native) & POTENTIAL, FOREIGN INVESTORS in Canadian Natural Resource Development, et al, re; NAFTA, C-CIT, CETA, TPP, et al, SECRET TRIBUNALS.

(Last Edited; March 10, 2014)

After 145 years of corporate Canada using non shareholders’ tax dollars, corporate Canada is proceeding to REWARD its SHAREHOLDERS by way of punitive penalties paid by NON SHAREHOLDERS via NAFTA, C-CIT, CETA, TPP, et al, SECRET TRIBUNALS.

Ms. Woolridge (Council of Canadians), et al;

I think that you may have read a couple of my articles, &/or, correspondence, such as; “SECRET C-CITreaty & CETA TRIBUNALS are INSIDER TRADING” and have shared them with others.

Do you, &/or, the Council of Canadians, et al, understand that the shareholders’ & their global corporate leaders have brought the domestic (ie. Canadian) & foreign non shareholders to the stage whereby they can now consider the referendums & the challenges to the NAFTA, the C-CI Treaty, the CET Agreement, the TP Partnership, et al, based upon the legal & moral issues that have been raised to date; ie.”depraved indifference”, “reckless endangerment”, etc.?

That is to say; after 145 years (since Confederation) of the non shareholders’ tax funded promotion & protection of a nationalistic corporate Canada via;

1) health, environmental & safety legislation,

2) economic development & non repayable loans (aka; “gifts”),

3) the support of & benefit of Canadian financial institutions,

4) legal protection


5) et al,

corporate Canada’s secret discussions “on behalf” of their shareholders & in association with the other global corporate groups, have used the non shareholders’ tax dollars in order to determine how they, the global corporate groups, can work together, instead of competing against each other, to, amongst other things:

1) accelerate their sharing of the enormous profits derived from the development of the natural resources that are continuing to be found in Canada, by off-loading these development & expansion costs & liabilities on to the non shareholders by way of the punitive damages & penalties assessed by the secret tribunals (ie. penalizing the non shareholders for trying to protect themselves from foreign corporations & “schmiergelders”* by way of corporate Canada’s 145 years of “nationalistic” legislation)


2) circumvent the The Compensation embodied in The W.A.D. Accord & other encumbrances (to developing the aforementioned Canadian natural resources) by off-loading it on to the non shareholders of Canada, North America, China, Europe, the Trans Pacific nations, et al.

(The questions here are, amongst others; how much of the shareholders’ tax dollars are the non shareholders entitled to spend in order to investigate, share, discuss, etc., the pros & cons, alternatives & improvements of the aforementioned arrangement (ie. treaties, etc.) prior to their, the non shareholders, making their decision as to whether to support the aforementioned arrangements, or, reject them & thereby, level the shareholders’ playing field?

And, how much can a non shareholder sell his right to dissent regarding these limited arrangements? That is to say, what is the value to the non shareholder going along with the arrangements that will conceivably make trillions of dollars for the leaders of the global corporate groups over the life time of the arrangements? See more of the writer’s questions in other Reader Supported News articles)

*”Schmiergelder”, (German) – “a money-greaser…a person designated under a German tax law that permitted middlemen to deduct from their incomes bribes or any other payments to foreigners to secure the sale of German products.” (“Dispersing the Fog”, Paul Palango, Publisher; Key Porter Books).

Hence, the term “schmiergeldee”; the term for the recipient of the aforementioned bribes, largesse, and/or, considerations (past, present, &/or, future considerations), etc. And, “schmiergelding”; the process of bribing non-German officials, et al, and by Germans, and/or non-Germans.

The outcome of these secret discussions & arrangements are being implemented by way of the NAFTA, C-CIT, CETA, TPP, et al.

And, while a great deal has been accomplished, Ms. Woolridge, such as;

a) identifying those that are continuing the deprivation of the relevant information (ie. information deprivers),


b) sharing “The NOTIFICATIONS of the Preexisting CHALLENGES with the direct “beneficiaries” & harmless, but, despairing potential plaintiffs (ie.”victims”) of the aforementioned arrangements (ie. treaties, et al), etc.,

at the present I would like to share with you, et al, for your consideration, your improvements, your questions, your discussion, &/or, your rejection, (and those of your potential readers throughout North & South America, China, the European Union, the Trans Pacific Nations, et al,) some of the referendums that are being considered & are associated with the referendum that will convert First Nations’ communities into municipalities that will be capable of being sued by the aforementioned corporations & thereby, unencumber the corporations’ access to Canada’s natural resources, etc. The penalties for continue to encumber the access can continue to be used to inflate the value of the investors’ shares & dividends.

And, finally, while one could make a very compelling argument for all of the previous confrontations/wars on this planet being nation(s) versus nation(s), do you think that a reasonable person might conclude that as a consequence of the aforementioned arrangements, treaties, et al, the new confrontation is now:

the shareholders (& their global corporate leaders)


the non shareholders?

Regardless, there are numerous articles & letters that I have shared with others that you may find useful. I have included a list of them & highlighted with the asterisk symbol some of the more recent ones. However, do you understand how the The WAD Accord can be used to improve, &/or, eliminate the NAFTA, C-CIT, CETA, TPP, et al? And, what do you think are some of the other vulnerabilities of the shareholders, and more importantly, their corporate leaders, besides the “uncertainty & the reasonable doubt” that are presently encumbering them by way of The Compensation for Native Canadians, & OTHERS, that is embodied in The WAD Accord?

Have you, et al, submitted your “NOTIFICATION(s) of Preexisting CHALLENGES to C-CI Treaty”, et al, to all of the relevant potential participants, both;

1) the direct beneficiaries, &/or, those who will be beneficiaries by way of future considerations (who do you, et al, think are these beneficiaries?)


2) the potential “victims” (ie. the non shareholders),

in order to exculpate yourself, et al, from having to “contribute” to:

1) The Compensation embodied in The WAD Accord,

2) the punitive penalties assessed by the secret tribunals of the aforementioned secret arrangements (ie. treaty, “agreements”, partnership, et al)


3) et al?

Have “your” politicians, et al, explained to you in writing, how they intend to share & use the aforementioned information in order to:

1) “un ring the bell” after the arrangements become ratified & the Conservatives deliberately loose the next election (only to metamorphose itself again as another shortening of their previous name, “The Progressive Conservative Party”…)


2) to eliminate, &/or, improve the arrangements prior to their ratifications?

Who do you think has made some of these submissions? And, who are the relevant participants?

Do you, et al, want to pay the shareholders, &/or, their leaders for their depriving you of some, &/or, most of the aforementioned information, et al? Do you think that the aforementioned information will make a significant contribution towards helping you, et al, to make more informed opinions about the relationships between:

1) the shareholders & the non shareholders


2) corporate Canada & the executives of the political parties that are operating in Canada,

& thus, enhance the number of alternatives that can improve, &/or, eliminate the aforementioned arrangements?

Or, would you prefer to continue the deprivation of the aforementioned information?

Do you think that in regard to the aforementioned secret arrangements that the future well-being of the non shareholders (ie. the 95% – 99% of all Native & non Native Canadians, et al) may be determined by:

1) their (your) ability to access the information about the various vulnerabilities (such as; historically precedents) of the shareholders & their corporate leaders

2) their (your) willingness to share the information that can form the basis for the non shareholders creating the various solutions to these preconceived arrangements that will conclude this stage of the concentration of global power


3) the non shareholders’ (your) willingness to implement these solutions?

On the other hand, do you think that it may be regrettable that “some” Canadians still feel, as a consequence of their deprivation of the relevant information, that there is nothing that they can do in the face of the concentration of the power that already exists in Canada, let alone do anything about the further concentration of the global (corporate) power? And, how much should those who just don’t care about the aforementioned arrangements, etc., have to pay?


David E.H. Smith

– Researcher

– “Qui tam…”


To SHARE Information & Questions re; The Relationship between Human (Nature) Rights & Economics in 1) Native Canadian Treaties and 2) the C-CI Treaty, the CET Agreement, the TPPartnership, et al, via The WAD Accord



see; davidehsmith.wordpress.com


Your DONATIONS for the ongoing research & the dissemination of the relevant information will be gratefully accepted & can be sent to;
 David E.H. Smith

112-711 Johnson St., Victoria, BC  V8W 1M8


Please consider sharing the enclosed information & questions with 10 members of your family, friends, associates in order that they can use the due diligence info to make more informed decision about their families’ financial planning, & then they can share it with 10 others…


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