15) “CONSIDERATIONS” paid to ALL Parties to PROMOTE TPP, C-CIT & CETA “Arrangements” &/or to LIMIT “OPPOSITION” as per NAFTA, et (see; The WAD Accord)?

Mr. Paul Estrin, President & Ms. EMILY McMILLAN, Exec. Dir., Green Party of Canada;

As a better means of considering your solicitation for a donation to your Green Party, I just have a couple of simple & the most basic due diligence questions that will help to determine both; the nature and the amount that may be donated.

For instance, what are the “considerations” that the lobbyists’ clients are paying to you, as the President of the Green Party, in order to influence, &/or, limit the scope of your party’s “opposition”, and thereby, defining the basis of your constituents “beliefs” (as opposed to “understanding” judicial evidence & burdens of “proof”) regarding the available number of alternatives to particular issues that are presented by the governing party, et al?

And, are you receiving any considerations for not sharing with your constituents the information & the simple questions that are embodied in The W.A.D. Accord including the information about:
1) The WAD Accord’s “green”, clean & sustainable enterprises
2) The Compensation to the most vulnerable Native & non Native Canadians for their continuing deprivation of the simplest & most basic information?

Do the voters living in the constituencies that you are presently representing understand that they can use the aforementioned WAD Accord information in order to:
1) exculpate themselves from having to pay any of the aforementioned Compensation (similar to The Compensation to the victims of the Residential Schools, but, much larger),
2) receive punitive damages from those members of corporate Canada, corporate China (see; “C-CI Treaty; NOTIFICATION of Preexisting CHALLENGE…”*) and corporate European Union (see; CETA; NOTIFICATION of Preexisting CHALLENGE…”*), et al, as a consequence of; a) the risks associated with the development (& financing) of the natural resources that are continuing to be found in Canada
b) the costs of the penalties & alleged damages paid by the non shareholders of the enterprises generated by the C-CIT (Canada – China Investment Treaty) & the CETA (Canada – European Union Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement) in order to inflate the values of the C-CIT & the CETA shareholders’ shares & dividends
3) et al?

Has the governing party, et al, provided you with a copy of The W.A.D. Accord for your consideration, understanding & sharing with the potential Green Party voters?

Have you requested a copy of The WAD Accord from the federal government, et al?

Or, are you also deliberately depriving the constituents & all Canadians (ie. all potential members of the Green Party) of the information in:
1) The WAD Accord,
2) the aforementioned:
a) “NOTIFICATION of Preexisting CHALLENGE to the C-CI Treaty”
b) “NOTIFICATION of Preexisting CHALLENGE to the CET Agreement”
3) et al?

Is the reason for your depriving the potential Canadian Green Party members of the aforementioned information due to the considerations that you are receiving, &/or, will be receiving (ie. “future” considerations) from the relevant lobbyists’ clients who will be the direct (cash) dividend beneficiaries of the C-CI Treaty & the CET Agreement, etc.?

On the other hand, how much money, &/or, other considerations do you think is equitable to be paid to you, your party, your constituents and potential Green Party members in order that you & the Green Party go along with limiting the amount of the aforementioned information that is provided to constituents in other areas where the Green Party would like to have winning candidates that share the aforementioned information?

And, would you prefer that the aforementioned information be “renditioned” by the dissemination of another country’s intelligence service to the aforementioned most vulnerable Native & non Native Canadians, et al, for their humble consideration, etc. and thereby, provide you with your politically deniable?

Which countries’ intelligence service are knowledgeable about the aforementioned information? What are the various different ways that these countries can use & are using their knowledge of The WAD Accord, the “NOTIFICATIONS of Preexisting CHALLENGES…”,etc., in order to get more favorable terms & conditions in the Canada – China Investment Treaty, the Canada – European Union Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement, et al?

Do you now, as a consequence the aforementioned information, understand why Prime Minister Harper, on behalf of corporate Canada, & in particular its Alberta chapter, will continue to demand that the C-CIT & CETA trade resolution tribunals have to be held in secret, ie. to protect & enhance its continuing, lucrative arrangements between the lobbyists’ clients & the executives of the political parties that are operating in Canada?

Similarly, after you, Mr. Estrin, conduct your due diligence research of the aforementioned information (most of it can be found on line), you might be interested in knowing which Canadian senators are interested in using the information in order to, among other things, prevent the abolition of the Senate and un handcuff the Senators so they can start conducting their adversarial duties including their improvements & alternatives to the lower house’s legislation in the manner with which they were intended to be preformed.

By way of closing, please do not think that I am being rude when I say that I am not particularly interested in how you are going to form a government in “the not to distant future” without knowing anything about the aforementioned information. On the contrary, it is because I have read your material that it may be obvious that you do not have the aforementioned information and thus, have no idea how vulnerable that makes you, your party, your constituents, & thus, all Canadians. Similarly, without the more comprehensive information regarding the enclosed, you have very little idea how vulnerable the Conservatives, the other parties, corporate Canada, et al, are continuing to become as a consequence of the aforementioned information deprivation. I think that you may be beginning to understand, not only how you and your Green Party can use the aforementioned information to:
1) exculpate the potential voters of the Green Party from having to pay most, &/or, any of The Compensation that is in The WAD Accord
2) vastly improve, &/or, reject the aforementioned C-CI Treaty, CET Agreement, et al,
do you understand that it is essential that you do use the aforementioned information in order to form the next government?

Therefore, once you have conducted your research, which should take a couple of days, I would be interested in reading about how you intend to use the information in order:
1) to dramatically increase your party’s revenues,
2) to dramatically increase the number of your party’s constituencies & members of parliament,
3) to share the information with the harmless, most vulnerable Canadian community members (ie. 95% – 99% of all Canadians) in order that they can make much more informed decisions & choices regarding the economic & political issues that will continue to increase the huge gap between:
a) the exclusive beneficiaries of the aforementioned arrangements (ie. corporate Canada & its shareholders)
b) the most vulnerable, information deprived Canadians (ie. the 95% – 99% of Native & non Native Canadians who will also be non shareholders in the enterprises that can be generated by the Treaty, the Agreement, et al)
4) et al.

Regardless, I look forward to your sharing with me your acknowledgement of your understanding of the aforementioned information in your answers to these simple & most basic questions that I have included in this letter & the enclosed.

Regrettably, in the meantime, Ms. Elizabeth May’s (leader of the Green Party) lack of information will continue to be a source of delightful embarrassment that the Conservatives, et al, will continue to enjoy as they & corporate Canada march on with their contribution to the global economic arrangements.

For an update on the recent information sharing with the European Union regarding the CETA, et al, see; davidehsmith.wordpress.com. for the letter entitled:

TARGETING 95% – 99% CANADIANS (the Most Vulnerable Native & non Native Canadians & citizens of the EU) by “Unethical & Inhumane” Arrangements between Canadian Lobbyists’ Clients/Parties’ Executives; EU may consider “Renditioning Info” in CETA CHALLENGE; CHINA Unprotected with C-CIT?”


David E.H. Smith
– Researcher
– “Qui tam…”

PS – Who do you think is the “coveted” foreign investor who said:
“It’s not that we are racist when it comes to dealing with Canadians,
it’s just that we can’t stand the way that you suck up to us”?
Which Canadians do you think that the “coveted” investor was referring to?

*******                                                                                                                                                  Your DONATIONS for the ongoing research & the dissemination of the relevant information will be gratefully accepted & can be sent to;

David E.H. Smith
112-711 Johnson St., Victoria, BC  V8W 1M8

To SHARE Information & Questions re; The Relationship between Human (Nature) Rights & Economics in 1) the C-CI Treaty, the CET Agreement, TPP, et al, and 2) Native Canadian Treaties via The WAD Accord
see; davidehsmith.wordpress.com

Please consider sharing the enclosed information & questions with 10 members of your family, friends, associates in order that they can use the due diligence info to make more informed decision about their families’ financial planning, & then they can share it with 10 others…


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